I read your newsletter and email and I thought both were very well done and informative. It is essentially the same info we as traders look at every day.
- D.B. Propane Trader
As I had hoped there is an overwhelming consensus that your seminar was a great success at the convention.
- B. V.
I was talking to another company about your newsletter. They commented that it is a very informative publication. Could you provide me with the subscription pricing and details and a few trial issues so that I can evaluate its benefit assuming you would be interested in additional subscribers? Thank You!
- F. A.
J. K. has been forwarding your reports to me for review. I have enjoyed the information and insight of these reports. I oversee the Wholesale and Transportation side and J. P. is responsible for our supply contracts. If possible please include us your database.
- J. P.
I have several daily lp e-mails. I have let it be known that yours is the best.
- R. B.
Yes I am still receiving your reports which are excellent. Must have been the days at Dynegy.
- D. G.
I would like to subscribe to the CMS report. Please sign me up for the 6 month subscription. The owner of our company and I find the information quite useful. Thanks,
- K. L.
I can't say enough about your e-newsletter; I am learning so much about the energy markets and the inter-relationships between commodities.
- F. C.