CMS Consulting Services

With Cost Management Solutions (CMS) as your consultant, our role is to provide you with unbiased, valuable insight into local, regional and national propane pricing, positioning your company to make the best deal on your annual supply contracts. With a propane cost management expert on your team, our 25 years of experience working for major producers in the propane markets, gives you access to someone whose goal is to lower your annual supply cost.

How CMS Works For You

Cost savings occur when your physical supply works seamlessly with price-hedging techniques.

  • First, we analyze your current supply costs.
  • Second, we make recommendations based on our extensive background in the liquids marketplace.
  • Third, our on-going study of industry fundamentals provides guidance not only of the market factors affecting propane prices but the most economical hedging tools as well as the one that will provide the greatest return with the least risk.

These ingredients combined provide the micro and macro disciplines for well-informed decision-making which greatly reduce risk and make price predictability and price stability more certain.

Cost Management Solutions (CMS) Consulting Services are conducted through highly confidential agreements to achieve your propane pricing needs.

Consulting Services Rate Structures Available


Per Hour

As we are available, you may have access to per-hour consultation, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm (an initial inquiry, Propane Price Insider questions or suggestions, or a simple quick market update are FREE OF CHARGE). Typical billing arrangements are time plus expenses. A list of typical billable expenses is available upon request.


Annual Retainer

An annual retainer provides immediate access to our firm, and for slightly more, exclusive usage of our services within a pre-defined geographical region. As an annual retainer client, we establish a basic operating relationship and work with your business to lower your cost of supply. We incorporate the best cost-hedging tools into your supply picture. These are performed at cost (no commissions). This may include total supply management for your company.

To receive a confidential discussion regarding potential cost savings for your company through a CMS consulting arrangement, contact us toll free at 888-441-3338.