Option Pricing

  • Cost Management Solutions (CMS) locates the best priced option, swap or Mont Belvieu / Conway physical volume.
  • CMS’s broad base of knowledge of the trading community comes from working in the Houston Market since 1992.
  • CMS subscribes to an electronic trade service that allows us to monitor prices and insures the option is priced fairly.
  • CMS has the industry contacts to find the best priced price cap (call option) or price floor (put option).
  • CMS knows the best options writers: those who are in the market; those who are not.
  • CMS stays abreast of market conditions and strives to give you the best possible timing advice.
  • CMS is independent, unbiased, and not aligned with any particular trading company. This allows us to canvass the market for the best deal.
  • CMS charges standard industry fees for options pricing and discovery which are typically paid by the seller. We advise you up front what our fee is and our quotes include this charge.

To discuss options through CMS, contact us toll free at 888-441-3338.