2020 Hedging Seminar

It's Not Our First Rodeo

Wrangle the market at the CMS Hedging Seminar during the world famous Houston Rodeo. March 19-20, 2020

Dale G. Delay, President - Cost Management Solutions
Dale G. Delay, President – Cost Management Solutions

About Cost Management Solutions

Cost Management Solutions (CMS) provides you, the propane marketer, tools and information to make the best possible propane supply decisions. Using daily market information can greatly support your supply planning and assist your ability to determine your future propane price. Using solid and sound risk management procedures will give you the ability to offer stable and predictable prices to consumers while increasing the profitability of your retail propane company.

The Propane Price Insider

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Why Use Cost Management Solutions?

There are many benefits from having the experience and background of a propane industry insider on your team to make a real impact in reducing your annual cost of propane. With 22 years of experience working on the producing and trading side of propane industry, we recognize the benefits a propane marketer could achieve having the insight and tools major propane producers use to manage their propane prices.

Volatility in propane prices make the need for solutions to stabilize the price of propane more important than ever. The propane marketplace has become a dynamic environment with events in natural gas and crude markets having immediate impact on the price you pay for propane.

Tools and techniques that are commonly used in the global energy marketplace can be implemented into your local propane business, allowing you to guarantee margins and avoid impacts from high winter prices and eliminate substantial losses on propane prebuys.

CMS is objective and unbiased. We do not sell propane or other supply products. You know we will always have your best interest at heart. Our goal is to assist you in lowering your cost of supply.